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The Cleveland Cavaliers had 44 wins last year despite their mediocre offense. The Cavs finished 20th in the rude standings with 110 points per 100 possessions, ahead of disappointing teams like the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Lakers.

Their rude ineptitude was mainly due to their lack of ball handlers that they could create on their own, and their inability to create clear sights for perimeter marksmans. As a result, the Cavs ranked 22nd in the league in the number of three-point attempts (32.8 per game), 20th in the number of three-pointers scored (11.6 per game), 22nd in turnovers per game (14.4) and 18th in free throws per game (16.8)..

Donovan Mitchell immediately provides significant assistance to the Cavs in all these areas.

Mitchell’s ability to create and execute long-range shots outside of dribbling is one of the best in the league. Mitchell finished last season with 50.9 percent effective shots from the game with 9.5 pull-up attempts per game. This effective percentage of shots from the game was good for eighth place in the league among 31 players who made seven or more shots from the game. He was able to complete 35.6% of hat-tricks last season.

Mitchell has also established himself as one of the best strikers in the league. As the center of the Utah Jazz offense, Mitchell was forced to take on a lot of arguable bridges, which he implemented well last season. The three-time All-star player completed 32.5% of 2.5 three-pointers played from close range per game that he attempted, shots made by the closest defender from two to four feet away, and 52.7% with 6.3 two attempts per game.

This skill set should go very well with Darius Garland’s ability to throw outside of dribbling. There are few teams in the league that have two players with such an elite skill set. This will require defenders to pick up the ball much earlier than usual, without being able to interact too much with Mitchell or Garland for fear that the other will chase the ball. The Cavs’ space should increase significantly, which will open up more opportunities for Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley to strike the ring.

The Cavaliers’ abundance of turnovers last season may be directly related to the lack of ball handlers in the lineup for most of the season. Garland has made a big step forward in all aspects of the game, including her ability to involve others. However, Garland gave the ball more than 14.5% of his possession, which put him in the 28th percentile among defenders, which is far from ideal.

Mitchell should help a lot in this. The former Jazz player led all defensemen with a 34.5 utilization rate. However, this utilization factor did not lead to an unreasonable number of revolutions. Mitchell delivered the ball in just 11.1% of possession, which is above the quarterback average. He was also present on 26.7% of his teammates’ baskets while on the court. This resulted in 5.3 assists and 3 assists per game.

Having another dynamic defender with the ball should greatly ease the burden of scoring and playing for Garland. Garland was forced to play 38.3 minutes per game after the All-Star break. There should be no reason to make him do such a hard job with another All-Star quarterback on the back court.

Mitchell will also help the Cavs with his ability to get to the free throw line. He constantly proved that he could put pressure on defenders with his athleticism and ability to get into the ring. This led to him getting a foul on 9.3% of his shot attempts last season, resulting in 4.7 free throw attempts per game. It also helps that Mitchell has completed 65.1% of his shots on goal.

Mitchell is one of the two most dynamic defenders in the league. His ability to score effectively from outside the box and in the penalty area is one of the best in the league. Their skill set would greatly help any team to improve in strike, but especially the one that fought well in these areas.

Kobi Altman and company decided to go down this path by adding Mitchell. Their skill set should perfectly match what this team needs on offense.

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