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It’s a somber day in the NFL for dozens of players. At 4 p.m. et, teams are due to submit their 53-man rosters to the league, ending many people’s dreams of playing professional football. Some players will get a second life in the practice lineups or sign after before the season starts, but for most it will be the last time they will be part of an NFL team.

The most interesting cuts today will be veterans. Some very good footballers will be released, and teams look for salary relief to patch other holes or receive unexpected performances from newcomers, making them comfortable in the youth movement and forgetting about the previous reliability.

The biggest names released so far
Apparently, Gordon settled in well at the Chiefs and finally began to rebuild his career, but a depth-laden schedule knocked him out of the game. The 31-year-old wide receiver didn’t get many opportunities in 2021, but he could probably stay in the lineup if Kansas City needed extra help.

Gordon is noteworthy for a playoff-level team that needs receiving depth. This is really the place where he is in his career right now, and someone will roll the dice in his favor again.

The O. J. Howard, abbreviated by the accounts
Signed by the Bills in free agency, Howard was going to be a temporary solution to round out the depths at Buffalo’s tight end. After all, the team felt comfortable enough with rookie Quintin Morris to move on and save some reserve space instead of retaining the veteran.

It’s unclear where Howard is headed now. In fact, he suffered the arrival of Tom Brady to Tampa Bay, as it pushed him out of rotation in favor of Rob Gronkowski. The team will look at him for potential depth in the end, but there are a lot of young players in that position in the league. However, I think he will eventually find his home.

RB Sonia Michelle carved by dolphins
It’s unbelievable. Michel is suspended for only one year for a career of 845 yards and 4 touchdowns with the super Bowl champion Rams, now he is gone. The Dolphins are running confidently with 1-2 hits from Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert, and Miles gaskin was their third. All three players possess a more pronounced style than the versatile Michel.

A lot of opponents lack depth in the running right now, and just like he did with the Rams, I hope the team finds a use for Michel. He is still 30 years old, he still has legs and should be a priority signing for several teams.

R. B. Duke Johnson, abbreviated by the accounts
Another great Buffalo veteran, Johnson, was a victim of the emergence of newcomer James Cook. The position of the broker became too difficult for Bill, and he was just an extra person.

There are reports that the Bills want Johnson to return to their practice squad, however, it is unclear if another team that needs RB’s help will allow it. If Michelle signs quickly, I hope Johnson doesn’t fall far behind as the next best player.

Kellen Mond carved by the Vikings
There’s been a regime change in Minnesota, and when that happens, the players take a back seat. However, it is a little surprising that even with a new coach and a great teacher, the team has leaved Kellen Mond so quickly. Obviously, he did not fit into the system that the team lined up on offense, and Mond struggled in this preseason for a promising performance against the Raiders.

Mond is a 23-year-old quarterback spending his second season. Someone will take a flyer from him, even if he signs with the training team.

Wyatt Davis carved by the Vikings
Another selection was released in the 2021 Draft, Minnesota also parted with forward Wyatt Davis. The former third-rounder jumped from the practice squad to the main lineup during his time in Minnesota, and it looks like he will finally take hold before being released.

The team that studied Davis before the Draft will definitely want to pick him up, and he is likely to be another candidate for the training squad.

Alex Leatherwood, executed by assailants
Drafted No. 17 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Raiders tried to buy Leatherwood most of the day before dumping him before the 4 p.m. trade deadline expired. There’s no denying he struggled as a rookie, not found eight sacks and committing 45 penalties in his first season.

There is no doubt that someone is going to step up and sign a contract with him based on the promise and see if he can evolve. Leatherwood might have been the most coveted player on cut day, due to his age and position.

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