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The Welsh superstar was announced by LAFC co-president and grandmaster John Torrington on Sunday, June 26. Signed under the terms of the Free Shuttle Service and under the TAM contract, Bale’s contract is scheduled for the summer of 2023, with the possibility of renewal for another 18 months thereafter.

To facilitate the signing of the contract, LAFC exchanged as part of the total allocation for 2023 to Inter Miami for Bale’s opening rights in the MLS.

“I am very excited about this transition to LAFC,” Bale said in a team statement. “It’s the right place for me and my family and the right time in my career, and I can’t wait to start working with the team and get ready to win new trophies in Los Angeles.”

Bale, 32, is one of the best players of his generation, but there have been ups and downs along the way. He turned professional and made his debut for English Club Southampton in 2006, starting his career as a left-back at the Saints and then when he first moved to Tottenham in 2007. Over time, he became more and more influential and moved up the field to become the universal striker of Spurs. In 2013 he was transferred to Real Madrid for the then record and was a key player for more than six seasons, playing a key role in winning four Champions Leagues, which made him one of the most titled players of his generation. In the 2020-21 season he was loaned for a season to Spurs, and last season he returned to Real Madrid, where he almost did not play, his relationship with the Club eventually go-down.

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In total, Bale has won five Champions Leagues, three league titles, one Spanish Cup and three club world cups, among other titles. “You won’t win five Champions League trophies, you’re not the most valuable player in the world in recent history if you don’t have that hunger,” LAFC co-chairman and grandmaster John Torrington said when asked about the reasons for Bale’s arrival at the club. “We are incredibly excited in the face of very fierce competition around the world that he has agreed [to sign with LAFC] and we are pleased to welcome him back in the coming weeks.”

Perhaps his influence on the international stage was even greater, believe it or not. Bale is widely known as the best Welsh footballer of all time, UEFA runner-up at Euro 2016, where they incredibly reached the semifinals, and they returned to Euro 2021, where they again reached the playoffs. That year led to them qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, which became Wales’ first World Cup berth since 1958. Unlike many Welsh players before him, he does not shy away from international debt and, in most matters, stands up to the position.

Given Bale’s brilliant resume, it’s surprising that LAFK has acquired his signature, but there are some mitigating factors. On the one hand, Bale has a long history of injuries, especially painful muscular ones, and he is doing everything in his power to be ready for the World Cup in November.

Secondly, rightly or wrongly, Bale was maligned for completely adhering to this rule during his last performance at Real Madrid. He was portrayed as not interested in playing anymore and just waiting for the end of his contract there. Of course, something similar has been said from time to time about Carlos Vela in Spain before he shone in MLS, so some of the negativity surrounding Bale may be completely unfair. Time will tell if he is motivated to help LAFC win titles or uses it as a glorified preparation for the World Cup.

But since this is a free transportation contract from TAM, you cannot beat this agreement in terms of risk for LAFC. Hopefully, Bale will continue in the same vein, as long as he has been in MLS, he will stay healthy and motivated and lead LAFC to the top, winning several trophies.

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