Precision Fails at Barcelona Olympique Lyonnais

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There was a moment when Aitana Bonmati, with a ball in her sock, turned around in space, the white shirts closed her when she turned around in search of a pass that simply did not exist. The midfielder was busy with the Lyon defenders, as were his teammates, and the precise mechanics of the Catalan defense were frustrated. If Barcelona was a Swiss watch, Lyon is sand and shards of broken glass trapped in normally pristine gears.

Such, for the most part, was the story of the Barcelona night. Perhaps given the small advantage of the critics who reached the final, the Catalans could not fully advance, as is often the matter. In some respects, it was about actions, such as the small margin of error in the eighth minute from Amandine Henry’s awesome kick. Or the difference in ideas and the ability to convey them when Barcelona players literally collide with each other instead of one player escaping into space. This was also due to the extreme thickness of the crossbar, about a millimeter or two, which caused patri’s cheeky chip to slide under the wooden structure instead of bouncing off.

As in an expensive Swiss chronograph, if something is not aligned, if at least one of those small fields does not stick, the mechanics will fail. For Barcelona, it was not a lost grain of sand that invaded their system, it was a whole beach.

Barcelona is a world-class team, but like any other team, it can be defeated, its weakness can be identified and used as a target. In Turin, Lyon plotted how to beat Barcelona, and even with the help of the advantage, their victory was not accidental. They saw these clean watches and overflow them, causing the entire Barcelona mechanism to stagnate.

The match is easy to compare with the final of 2019, but both teams changed a lot on and off the field, just as their approaches changed, but again, the result was the same – glory for Lyon and tears for Barcelona.

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