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Despite the fact that Liverpool lost with a score of 24: 4, Real Madrid showed an awesome game in defense and counterstrikes, as a result of which they won 1-0, including a historic performance by Courtois with nine saves for the entire match.

Ancelotti used the expected lineup for this match: a 4-3:3 lineup featuring all the usual doubtfuls, with Fede Valverde playing a more defensive role on the right flank.

Liverpool very clearly dominated the field and shot in the first half, ahead of Belogorie by ten shots to one. They exerted pressure with their usual well-coordinated 4-3-3 and did not allow Real Madrid to complete long-range possessions or successfully build them up from behind.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid could not break Liverpool’s possession game at all. Weak attempts to exert pressure were easily stopped by the Liverpool center, who easily managed to get past Thiago. Thiago was able to find strikers-Diaz, Mane, Salah-with tense passes that broke the lines and could break through the open pressure lines of Real Madrid.

However, Real Madrid still had a few situations in which they could outperform Liverpool when Valverde and Vinicius were behind the Liverpool defenders. Once such a situation led to the fact that towards the end of the half of Real Madrid had the most obvious chance: a pass to Benzema caused confusion between Konate and Alisson, which led to a goal that was scored by VAR.

At the beginning of the second half, the pace of the game slowed down, but Liverpool continued to dominate and strike. However, Mendy, Carvajal, Militaro and mattermiro continued to lead the peril away from the area.

In the 58th minute, all the suffering of Real Madrid eventually gave way to an important moment of strike: an excellent series of strikes between Modric and Carvajal led to an excellent shot by Fede in the last third. Whether Fede wanted to make a pass or a shot, only he knows, but the important thing is that the ball flew past all the Liverpool defenders and hit Vinicius’ legs to score.

In the next half hour, Liverpool made more strikes, including excellent moments from Salah and Jack, which Courtois brilliantly parried. Nevertheless, Real Madrid showed perhaps the best result of the season, defending the penalty area, eliminating most of the peril that arose in the penalty area. Real Madrid could have scored the second goal in several situations, including an excellent counterstrike by Ceballos and a standing ball game in which mattermiro missed the last pass.

In general, the defensive qualities of Real Madrid, Courtois’ shots and his counterstriking game led the team to win the 14th Champions League trophy. Stay tuned to find out about the podcast, player ratings and other news after the match.

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