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The NFL preseason is in preparation and, as always, the focus is on the rookie class.

It takes a really detailed and specially obsessed football fan to take a close look at the second half of the third preseason game to see which deep striking defender is crucial, but when it comes to newcomers, the visual test is easier, especially in the position of skill. It’s also much more interesting to see if a player can match or surpass the results of his college, compared to those who are just getting better after many years in the league.

The big advantage of the 2022 NFL draft class was the overwhelming belief that this is an extremely deep group in which starting lineups are available on the second day, but little attention is paid to superstars. It was also a draft in which no one thought a quarterback was worth an early pick, so let’s see how things went in the preseason.

No. 11: James Cook, RB – Buffalo Bills
Now it seems the Bills are ready for a multi-dimensional strike, really for the first time since Josh Allen became a superstar. Cook, a Buffalo player in the second round, had limited opportunities in the preseason when the team decided to try his hand as a midfielder, but after receiving the ball, Cook established himself as an effective player.

In total, he ran 10 times for 56 yards this preseason and demonstrated a special ability to make the right decisions with the ball in his hands. When he had the opportunity to perform with the team’s best rude line against Denver, he averaged 9.5 yards per carry.

Bills fans should be thrilled with Cook’s creativity and excited to see what he can do with Devin Singletary as a 1-2 hit.

No. 10: Travon Walker, DE-Jacksonville Jaguars
Walker hasn’t filled out the stats this preseason, but he’s doing a good job with all the little things. The No. 1 team as a whole completed pre-season training with four ball selections and one sack, but more importantly, it turned out to be a nightmare in matches.

The main question about him as the first choice was whether only speed and power justify a leap of faith. So far, it has been proven to work. Walker is pretty much a work in progress when it comes to developing a lot of quick passes, but in his current form, he can ruin a pocket and turn life into a nightmare for anyone unlucky enough to get in his way.

Walker has to keep developing as a rookie and pre-season training was a great first step.

No. 9: Cavonte Turpin, Washington / St. Dallas Cowboys
Of course, a lot of this is based on preseason play, but Turpin has been the most energetic player to return to the NFL this preseason, and he’s definitely worth watching. Against the Chargers, he recorded a punt return and a return kick on touchdown and immediately established himself on the 53-man roster.

The former USFL MVP signed with the Cowboys without much fanfare, and he has since established himself as a deal breaker on special teams, as well as a useful catcher in matter his number is called.

With a little creativity, a player with incredible Turpin speed can become a real gem of the NFL this season.

No. 8: Charles Cross, OT-Seattle Seavers
It was a very tough draft in the rude line, and so far no one has moved to the NFL better than Charles Cross. Aside from a few awkward false starts against the Bears, he was a great receiver who shut down almost every passing player who came his way.

Cross has a great instinct to stay on the edge and an awesome technique of blocking passes so as not to lose the base under pressure. It immediately seems that he will start as a beginner, and that’s right, because he has, without a doubt, won this job.

It’s not that his teammates, Evan Neal or Ikim Ekwon, were bad, but Cross just looked more ready to enter the team and immediately play an important role.

No. 7: Sam Howell, QB-Washington Commanders
Fast forward to a year ago, and Howell was touted as the future No. 1 player in the NFL draft. The quarterback from North Carolina struggled in his last college season and failed, as did all quarterbacks of this class. Now we’re seeing glimpses of the promise that could make Howell a special player for the commanders.

Apart from the fact that Howell didn’t show any problems when someone could forgive him for taking the catch and living to see the next action, Howell was a very strong player. He led all quarterbacks this preseason with 547 yards, completing 62.3 percent of his passes, adding a touchdown and an interception.

He wasn’t always perfect, but he was much better than the fifth-round pick Washington invested in. I do not know if Howell will be a suitable option in the long run, but the commanders should at least roll the dice and try to get a few repetitions from him this season, because Carson Wentz was good, but nothing special.

#6: Most likely, Isaiah, THOSE are the Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens received a lot of support in the 2022 draft, and it was such selections that made this class worthy of praise. He’s been a huge weapon for the Ravens this preseason and has proven he can have a huge impact on their rookie year.

Lamar Jackson is in dire need of a weapon after the team traded Marquis Brown during the draft, and he’s already used to relying on tight ends in Baltimore’s offense with Mark Andrews. This probably brings a slightly different dimension, and it’s more of a serious threat that could stretch the field.

In this preseason, he caught 12 passes for 144 yards and one touchdown, despite playing in only two preseason games. This player is worth looking at, and all he was worth was a fourth-round pick.

No. 5: Boye Mafe, Pound sterling-Seattle Seahawks
Mafe exceeded all expectations in the 1st preseason week when he recorded two sacks and fumbled the ball, and then obviously fell in the 2nd week. However, the devil is in the details. Although Mafe didn’t fill out the statistics until the end of pre-season training, there are many other things she did very well.

There is a fusion of skills and instincts that cannot be ignored. The Seahawks have a very, very good American football player who can be used in many ways, and he lost to them in the second round.

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